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Down With the Lying Powder-Puff  Tweet Dragon


There has never been a more recalcitrant butthead egomaniacal moron in the annals of American politics than Donald John Trump.  An obsessively self-centered pariah possessed of narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), this "cartoonish" character was actually the 45th president of the United States. And by sheer lying bravado, this misfit has been able to hoodwink millions who view him as their savior.


He had his finger on the nuclear trigger. Unbelievable. He had supreme command of the most powerful military juggernaut in world history. He had the power to pardon criminals with the spirit of Beelzebub, whom I believe


protects him. He's like a cockroach that has developed an immunity to Raid, D-CON, and Black Flaghe just won't go away.

And now this 2016 presidential mistakea masquerade wants to attain the nation's highest office again to appease his bruised ego after getting "fired" by more than 8 million American voters in 2020, replaced by Joseph R. Biden, who, prior to the 2020 election proclaimed he would "beat (Donald Trump) like a drum," which he went on to do.

"Rumpelstiltskin" is cruising for a bruisin' againthis time on two fronts: At the polls in Biden-Trump II, and in the courts. There's better than a high probability he will be found guilty on one of the criminal indictmentsif not alland will be remanded to the dungeon.

America celebrated two Thanksgivings in 2020; Nov. 26, and Nov. 3, the latter, which I coined, "Blueberry Thanksgiving," to denote the Dem's "Blue" triumph. Blueberry sauce for the "ceremonial" Nov. 3 Thanksgiving feast was a suitable replacement for the traditional red cranberry saucedon't you think?

Well, take it from here, there's going to be a second "Blueberry Thanksgiving" on Nov. 5, the day "Rumpelstiltskin" goes down to a repeat discombobulation.

To achieve that, this journalistic battleship will continue to heave 20-inch incendiary literary shells at the enemy

of American democracy.

Wild imaginings. You think DT wins a second term.

Need to stop smoking that stuff, now!

To my MAGA detractors and rump enablers:

"Come out, come out, wherever u are..."

Looky here, "Dishonest John" has not only crossed the line,
but all the guardrails, moats, and barbed wire fences too!


Booking No. P01135809 for a "very stable genius"

Fulton County Jail, Atlanta, GA.

The Republican Party led by a deceptive imp,

 has descended into perdition.

"Pu-weeplease, somebody change 'Dump'! He's

crawlin' around, stinkin' up the place in that soiled diaper! ..."

 I smell the mutt's BS already. He can't hold his poop! Judge

Tanya Chutkan's going to send his "soiled-diaper" rump to jail.

Be vigilant in protecting Judge Tanya Chutkan and DAs Fani Willis,

Leticia James, and Alvin Bragg from hate-infused predators with

eyes on them. God forbid harm befalls them. It would not be

good for America. No more martyrs for justice.

    Contemptible to the core. Evil oozes from Rump like pus from a boil.


Wow, 19 Criminal Indictment Georgia Round Up. Whole kit

and caboodle! Rump, Rudy, and entire herd. Go DA Fani Willis.

With four indictments and 91 criminal charges, Rump has

created a "perfect storm" w/ 500 mph winds (his mouth)!



Rump had better hump, hop his tail to the Fulton County jail
as ordered by DA Fani or US marshals will lasso his rump.

Rump tutorial: "A fish wouldn't get caught if it kept its mouth shut!"



DDT is a virulent insecticide. It's also the acronym for "Ditch Donald Trump."




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