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Compton Boulevard Bridge Over Compton Creek Project


Los Angeles County Public Works proposes to demolish and replace the existing Compton Boulevard Bridge Over Compton Creek (project), located in the northwest portion of the City of Compton generally where the Compton Boulevard crosses Compton Creek, 400 feet east of the Compton Boulevard/  Wilmington Avenue intersection. Los Angeles County Public Works is the lead agency for the proposed project under the California Environmental Quality Act.

The project would replace the existing two-span, steel-girder Compton Boulevard Bridge with a new two-span, pre-cast concrete bridge. The project also includes the reconstruction of the sidewalks adjacent to the project limits. Right-of-way acquisition would be required for the parcels located along the channel where the adjacent properties would be affected by the raised roadway, sidewalks, and temporary construction easements. Additionally, the project includes the removal of a private tree, relocation of catch basins, driveways, and a street lighting median located 80 feet west of the bridge, within the Compton Boulevard right-of-way. Lastly, the project includes the replacement of the bike paths and an access road along the Compton Creek channel to accommodate the one-foot change in bridge elevation. During construction, temporary staging areas would be established in the 200-foot approach roadways on either side of the bridge structure. Temporary K-rails would be installed at each end of the project limits, including a six-foot-high perimeter fence to prevent pedestrians from entering the work area.


Los Angeles County Public Works prepared an Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration (IS/MND) to assess the environmental impacts of the project pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act. Significant environmental impacts can be addressed through mitigation. The IS/MND is being circulated for a 30-day public review and comment period starting September 16, 2022 and ending October 17, 2022. The IS/MND may be accessed electronically at the following website: uploads/ tpp/Compton-Blvd-Bridge-Draft-NOI.pdf. A copy of the IS/MND is also available for review at the following locations:                 

*     Los Angeles County Public Works, Transportation Planning        and Program Division, 11th floor, 900 South Fremont

      Avenue, Alhambra, CA 91803

*     Compton Library, 240 West Compton Boulevard, Compton,        CA 90220

Interested parties must submit their comments in writing by October 17, 2022. Comments must be submitted via postal or electronic mail to the following address:

Department of Public Works

Transportation Planning and Programs Division, 11th Floor

Attention Reyna Soriano
900 South Fremont Avenue
Alhambra, CA 91803-5100

The final IS/MND will incorporate responses to written comments received during the public review period. The final document will be considered by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors for approval. Questions regarding this notice should be directed to Ms. Reyna Soriano, Transportation Planning and Programs Division, (626) 458-5192 or, Monday through Thursday.

Si necesita asistencia con la traducción a Español, por favor comuniquese con el representante del departamento de Obras Públicas del Condado de Los Angeles, Sr. Art Correa (626) 458-3948.





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I, Tanya King, heir of the property located at 1223 S. Gunlock St., Compton Calif. 90220, hereby inform all family, friends, and relatives who may have a claim on this property owned by Shirley King, decedent, who passed Nov. 4, 2006.

Shirley Ann King is survived by childrenTanya King, Rodney King; two grandsons Dedrick McCowan and Davon McCoy, granddaughter Rodneisha King, who is aware that  Dedrick McCowan now claims to be the successor since Feb. 13, 2008.


I, Tanya King, am filing a probate proceeding to confirm that Dedrick McCowan is not the owner or the heir of this estate. Dedrick McCowan currently lives at the estate until further notice by the Los Angeles Court.  Hearings are scheduled for Aug. 22, 2022 and Sept. 8, 2022 at 8:30 a.m. in Stanley Mosk, L.A. Court, Dept. 11, Room 246, 1111 N. Hill St., Los Angeles, Calif. 90012; phone: (213) 633-025.


There was no will, 120-day letter, and/or any documents served to either of the parties named, notably to Dedrick McCowan, who claims he was declared successor or trust of the property located at 1223 S. Gunlock St., Compton Calif. 90220.


I hereby declare that Dedrick McCowan has “no right” to claim ownership of the estate, having never presented any documents to family members stating Shirley Ann King gave him full trust and ownership or was appointed successor. Shirley Ann King did not make Dedrick McCowan the trust, successor or administrator of the property located at 1223 S.. Gunlock St. Compton, Calif. 90020.


Shirley Ann King, born March 30, 1937, and who died Nov. 4, 2006, is survived by two biological childrenTanya King and Rodney King only. We are both posting a “proceeding notice” in the Compton Herald newspaper to announce and address this probate proceeding for verification and appealing the unforeseen case of becoming rightful heir Tanya King, the first born child to the deceased Mrs. Shirley Ann King to award my legal rights of ownership

as the sole heir of the property located at 1223 S. Gunlock St., Compton, Calif. 90220.


Submitted by: 
Tanya King
10119 S. Budlong Ave.
Los Angeles, Calif. 90044
(310) 912-5789 

Case #22STPB03687

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