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The 5Ws & H CALENDAR is free to the community and updated weekly. Please send items to us two (2) weeks in advance of the event with contact person and phone number. Do not send advertisements or flyers.




Compton Farm to become USDA’s newest people’s garden


The USDA’s newest People’s Garden will be formally dedicated during a ribbon cutting ceremony on Oct. 5 at 10:30 a.m. at the NHS Center for Sustainable Communities, 1051 W. Rosecrans Ave. in Compton. The CSC project began in 2014 and stood as an abandoned grocery store for nearly 40 years. The CSC is part of the ongoing work of Neighborhood Housing Services of Los Angeles County. At the site, the garden serves as a small oasis in the middle of what is typically considered a food desert.


The garden is open to the public and consists of raised beds of fruit, vegetables and flowers and a small orchard. Community members are invited to take a stroll through the garden and pick their own produce at their leisure. The CSC also maintains a community engagement team that manages the garden. The garden is regularly harvested and donated to local families, seniors and other groups who distribute healthy foods.

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