Final council race decided

Incumbent Isaac Galvan wins by single vote
over Andre Spicer; closest vote in City history

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COMPTON — In the closest political race in Compton history—perhaps in Los Angeles County and California state history, District 2 council incumbent Isaac Galvan has defeated challenger Andre “Hub City Dre” Spicer by a single vote—855 to 854 (50.03 - 49.97 percent).

Voters in District 2 were divided straight down the middle regarding who they wanted to represent them in the council moving forward. The vote separation was razor thin and could not have been closer.

Council person Galvan, who now assumes his third term, joins a re-tooled City Hall political administration in Compton in Mayor Emma Sharif, Council person Jonathan Bowers in District 3, and City Treasurer Brandon Mims joining the old guard—City Atty. Damon Brown, City Clerk Alita Godwin, and District 1 Council person Michelle Chambers.

The council will be charged with the task of replacing the vacant District 4 seat after June 30, when former councilperson Sharif’s term ends. The council may choose a replacement or leave it to the voters in a special election.

Compton voters were very opinionated as usual following about the results of a Compton ballot. The following are some of their expressions:

“It’s unfortunate that Galvan “won.”  Whether it was fraud or people being lead blindly by a crook or just doesn’t care about their district. Nonetheless congratulations to everyone else! Congratulations Emma!” -- Jeffree J Davis

“Congratulations to everyone. While I am not pleased with some of these results, I hope that elected officials who were able to retain their seats realize that this is another opportunity granted to them to do the right thing for the residents of Compton. To the elected officials and newcomers, I hope this new position is perfect for you and that you are able to bring the change that our past elected officials weren’t able to bring to fruition. You have four years to show us that you are there to work and represent us.” -- Maria Esperanza Hechavarría

“Now we need to find someone for an interim councilperson for the 4th district. It appears this may not be over. [Andre] Spicer is going to demand a recount [and] further investigations into voter fraud.”  -- Robert Louis Ray

“What sadden me in this election was the racism that many showed specifically on a stubborn idea of voting Black no matter what—such a ignorant stance to take. I hope that we can come together in unity and recognize that first of all Compton is on stolen Native Indigenous land; secondly, we still share many similar struggles after colonization as we are still victims to the system that keep killing [ourselves] through gatekeepers like the corrupt [LA County] sheriffs and their executioner gangs within that are responsible for the death of Andres Guardado amongst others.” -- Heron Carrillo

“I can’t believe Galvan won!  He is a criminal! And he won by one vote! The good thing, however is the new mayor. Congratulation Mayor Emma Sharif, you will be a great mayor!” Zeke Vidaurri

“One vote is one vote.  Andre Spicer keep pushing for the truth! In terms of the vacancy, I support the possible appointment of Cristian Reynaga to fill [the] District 4 vacancy.” -- Enrique Robles

“Why would the council appoint Reynaga when he lost? He should keep serving his community and run for office again when the opportunity presents itself. Does he even live in district 4? If he doesn’t, he can’t represent that district. Nothing against him.” -- Wilson Ball

“Because four thousand people want his leadership, Wilson Ball. That's more than enough to have his leadership in some form.” -- Heron Carrillo

“It wasn’t enough to win, Heron Carrillo. If he wanted to be a council person he should have run to be one. He lost. If he has the opportunity to run for a spot on the council in the future and wins then we should support him 100 percent. Can’t support losers.” -- Wilson Ball


“To call him a loser, Wilson Ball, seems salty and derogatory towards a well deserved candidate that happened to fall just short of winning. Your comment feels heavy on the first Brown Chicano candidate that almost won. Not the energy of unity.” -- Heron Carrillo

“That's like preparing your opponent for your seat, Heron Carrillo, Not sure I would do that. Our new mayor [had] better pass on that.” -- Del Charigon

“I supported Cristian Reynaga for mayor. But Emma Shariff won. Let’s just move on, I believe the vote was correct and [we don’t] need to muddy her [victory]. She is a decent person, even if she was not my first choice. Give her support and let’s move on.” -- Angela Wood

“She won fair and square, Angela Wood. She will be an excellent mayor. The people spoke and Mayor Sharif will lead our city.” -- Wilson Ball

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