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Actor Thomas ‘Tiny’ Lister succumbs to COVID-19

Film star Tommy “Tiny” Lister, famous for playing intimidating, but lovable tough guys in films like “Friday,” died Dec. 10 from complications of Covid-19, according to his manager, Cindy Cowan.

Lister had been experiencing COVID symptoms in the days leading up to his death, Cowan told CNN. “Tiny began feeling sick a week ago, but he got worse quickly — couldn’t breathe and felt very weak,” she said.

Cowan added he was supposed to work on a movie set last weekend but had to cancel due to his breathing difficulties, and he also canceled a Zoom appearance for a TV festival, according to TMZ. Cowan said calls to check on him went unanswered.

According to TMZ, LA County sheriff’s performed a welfare check on the actor where they made their way into his apartment and found him deceased.

Most people knew Lister as the character Deebo from the “Friday” films featuring rapper/actor, Ice Cube.


Tommy "Tiny" Lister

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