Vote 'No' On the Recall

Keep the damned Republicans out of California!

Before to go to the polls on Tuesday, Sept. 14 to cast your vote regarding the California gubernatorial Recall, make sure you go with a clear understanding. Eat a heart breakfast or lunch. Have a cup of caffeinated brew — coffee or tea, just make sure you are energized with a clar head before you cast your vote.


Compton Herald is advocating a "NO" vote on the Recall. If you planned not to vote as some form of protest,

this editorial is to convince you not to throw away your vote. Whether you like Gov. Newsom or not, don't fall for the okedoke and abstain from voting for anyone. "NO" affirms Republicans will not seize California. If you are a Democrat, don't do the stupid thing and discard your vote because you don't like Newsom's policies for whatever reason or think he hasn't done enough to scratch your particular political itch.


this is not the time to stage a political protest with your ballot. Vote "NO!" Use your head. Keep the damned Republicans out of California!


If Compton is to move forward, we must move forward together

Compton Herald is willing to work with the eventual winners of the June 1 political races as long as you don't adopt an adversarial posture like Aja Brown, who assailed objective reporting in favor of stories that only projected her triumphs.


Unfortunately, that's not the job of an independent, objective newspaper.


But every small, mid-size, large city needs an independent newspaper -- hardcopy or digital -- to balance the municipal narrative, ultimately promoting the city, applauding its triumphs but deploring its faults and shortfalls too. That latter for the better good.


Compton is stuck in a hard place and will need the newspaper, mayor, council, and divisive forces in the community to come together to turn matters into a positive direction.


If political leadership forestalls greed and the corruption that accompanies it, and is beholden to honesty and integrity, the leadership has nothing to fear from a newspaper that will exercise due diligence in singing the praises of a well-oiled and positively-driven municipality.


Our hope is that the incoming new servants of Compton and executors of the public trust, will embrace our overture.


To God be the glory.