A double-minded 'hive,' er, city is unstable in all its ways


Compton Herald receives news releases and requests daily to cover events from nearly every city in Los Angeles Countybut not the City of Compton for whom the newspaper was created.


Yet, a few officials and gadflies alike, have the temerity to mewl, "We don't have a newspaper!"


That's just simpleminded, like the donkey dying from dehydration because it's too obstinate to see the water trough a few feet away. I'm convinced certain political influencers in the Citywhether officials or gadfliesare insentient. They cannot feel anything but their own selfish lusts.


Then, there are the rabble-rousers. People that foment confusionhappy to see the city in a constant state

of flux. You know them; the liars, rumor stokers, and mealy-mouths.


How is it that a smallish town 10 square miles large harbors so much turpitude? You need only look at the city officials and gadflies. They are not dissimilar. Cram them together and it's a double-minded hive. And we all know a double-minded hive is unstable in all its ways.


City officials mishandle the budget year after year inflating the deficit evermore. Gadflies buzz, whir, murmur, then fizz. Is the passion only pretentious? Both groups bid to aggrandize the tiny principality known as the "Hive of Hubs," otherwise known as Compton.


It has become the nobler ambition of some of them to aggrandize, and to reassume the protectorate of the Compton hive where their wings collide.

Unfortunately, Compton is a double-minded City and unstable in all its ways.